IV Conscious Sedation

In dentistry, sedation can take several forms, from “Happy gas” to intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation. Specially trained, Board-certified dentists give sedative and analgesic medicines to induce a dream-like condition, making your visit more pleasant.

You are still breathing normally during Conscious Sedation, but the medications used to cause an amnesic effect, which means you have no recollection of the treatment. It is a pleasurable method to undergo dental procedures.

Sedation is ideal for people with the following conditions due to its safe and effective nature:

  • Anxiety or Dental Phobia
  • Severe Gag reflexes.
  • Fear of Pain
  • Complex dental requirements.
  • A history of past traumatic dental experiences.
  • Special Needs Patients.

Patients who put off dental treatment for whatever reason are more likely to develop the dental disease as a result of the delay in treatment. Sedation not only makes it easier for patients to go through operations, but it also makes it easier for dentists to perform high-quality work on a cooperative and peaceful patient.

Many patients have overcome a lifelong fear of dentists thanks to Waratah Dental Centre’s exceptional level of care and supervision.

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